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Blog article May 4, 2022

3rd year of the mentorship program between Reflector and ISART Digital: the environment at the heart of the project

For the third year in a row, Reflector Entertainment has teamed up with ISART Digital - a private institute of higher learning that prepares students for careers in video games, teaching them 3D-FX animation, along with music and sound design - as part of their annual mentorship program to support students in their graduation projects.

This type of program represents a unique opportunity to expand each students knowledge and skillset, helping them to form the future core of their respective departments within the video game industry. It also connects students with professionals in the field before they even graduate.

Looking back on two years of collaboration

In 2019, ISART Digital in Montreal and Reflector Entertainment teamed up for the first time to create a year-end graduation game project, where six students imagined and developed Blossom. For the 2020 mentorship program, again in partnership with ISART Digital, Reflector aimed to create a more inclusive gaming experience. In turn, a team of eight students embarked on the development of a game adapted to neuroatypical people, in particular those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). As with Blossom, the group was able to count on the support of Reflector Entertainment throughout the development of the game, which gave birth to Palaka.

This year, Reflector’s mentors are once more supporting a team of ISART students in the development of their year-end project, titled Fallen Worlds. This team, composed of eight talented students, was given a topical theme: the environment, resource management, and the climate crisis we are currently facing.

The environment, at the heart of this third year of mentoring

We believe that video games have the ability to raise awareness on social and environmental issues, and can also encourage more active lifestyles. They’re a powerful educational tool that go beyond entertainment.

That's why it’s important for Reflector to educate the next generation of the industry on societal issues, and create leaders of change. The goal of this project, in addition to supporting the next generation of game creators, is to reflect on our actions, educate, and encourage progressive thinking as we seek to minimize the impact of climate change. That's why local experts also supported the students in their research and development.

In order to document this adventure, the video production team from a Montreal-based studio followed us to record a documentary showcasing the entire process of creating the game. This year, the concept is to create the documentary in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Join us this Summer to discover more about the complete project!

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