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Blog January 24, 2022

Reflecting on our ongoing journey

To begin this blog, we would like to wish you all a happy new year 2022. And what better way to start a new chapter than to look back at how far we've come.

Reflector Entertainment was born out of a crazy idea, the fruit of a vision shared by storytelling enthusiasts who believe that a universe can transcend the medium that breathes life into it. Such an approach would offer audiences a multitude of entry points into deep, rich worlds and give them the opportunity to carve a unique path through a growing mythology.

Reflector entered the market at a time when the transmedia landscape was beginning to shift. The old model of limiting a universe to its original medium was coming to an end, and companies were beginning to recognize the need to go beyond the usual platform they were used to. Everyone wanted to build complex, evolving narrative worlds that audiences could shape as they saw fit.

Reflector's approach has always been different. Rather than viewing video game tie-ins as derivative products, the various platforms available are viewed as integral entities in a universe, expanding the scope of the flagship product.

Reflecting on our ongoing journey
From left to right: Alex Amancio, CCO and Hervé Hoerdt, CEO of Reflector Entertainment

An ongoing journey

Looking back, getting to where we are today shows us that we've come a long way, but we still have a lot to prove.

5 years later. 150 employees. Thousands of lines of script. Gallons and gallons of coffee. The development of many Unknown 9 products, our first Storyworld. A worldwide pandemic that managed to paralyze most of the planet. And above all, an acquisition by one of the largest entertainment companies in the world guided by a shared passion that remains stronger than anything.

In October 2020, it was announced that BANDAI NAMCO Europe would acquire Reflector Entertainment. This acquisition represents an opportunity to bring our model to a global audience and to pursue the cross-media ambitions of Unknown 9, and many other worlds in the future. For BANDAI NAMCO Europe, this operation represents a continued effort to develop its business outside of Japan.

Since then, the studio has had the means and resources to expand our local IP internationally. And this is just the beginning!

Unknown 9

The goal? To accomplish something that has never been attempted on this scale before: to create a universe that unfolds on a multitude of platforms, in tandem, giving the audience the opportunity to make their own way through our living mythology.

In the past few years, the Unknown 9 universe has begun to unfold through two novels, a first comic book, the first season of a scripted podcast series... but there are still plenty of surprises left.

We can't wait to show you the fruits of our labor.

Talent, Quebec and Montreal

Building a project as ambitious as ours requires the collaboration of several passionate teams within our studio, but also external talent - all of whom are driven by the sacred flame, and armed with patience and resilience. It's been a bumpy road so far, but the changes we've made show that there is no reason why we can't succeed.

Quebec is known for its great “natural” resources: culture and creative talent. The province has established itself as one of the most important ecosystems in the video game industry, and has created an environment for growth in a number of creative fields. This makes Montreal a service city - so to speak - ready to go to the next level: creating its own creative hubs that can be exported around the world.

It's a mindset driven by the talent and people who live here. Talents that we can find within the studio itself and that bring their creativity, resilience and passion to the whole universe.

It is through the vision of the Reflectorians that we work every day to improve and redefine the way we work together. For example, it was their initiative to create a diversity and inclusion committee. Embracing diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry is a goal we should all strive for on an ongoing basis; real change begins at the very heart of a business. Since the committee's inception, we have reached out to associations like the CCDI and Ukie through the #RaiseTheGame pledge.

Final thoughts

Reflecting on our history and what we have accomplished so far, shows us both the progress we have made, as well as the road ahead. It takes a lot of resilience and persistence to move forward, but it means that we have already proven that we are not looking for the easy way out. Each step, while imperfect, is a success toward improving and achieving Reflector's vision. And together we will make our vision a reality.

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