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Press release September 27, 2021

Reflector Entertainment reinforces its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the video game industry by joining the #RaiseTheGame initiative alongside BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

Montreal, September 27th, 2021 - Reflector Entertainment announced today that it has joined the #RaiseTheGame community, alongside BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and its subsidiaries. UKIE works on a wide range of initiatives and activities - from education to politics, from events to investments. The #RaiseTheGame pledge brings together over 150 companies involved in the video game world. Its mission is to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive industry.

"We are very proud to be part of the #RaiseTheGame community. The values of diversity and inclusion are rooted in the core foundation of our company, said Hervé Hoerdt, CEO of Reflector Entertainment. The video game industry has taken many steps to ensure that diversity is reflected in the content produced, and it's important that these values are also reflected within the studios and teams that produce the games."

Since its launch in 2017, Reflector has chosen an employee-focused approach, backed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe since the studio's acquisition in 2020. This focus on people-first has laid the foundation for a relationship based on trust and respect, with the understanding that everyone has a different story, a unique voice, original ideas and different perspectives. It is the duty of companies in the industry to amplify these voices and give them a place, no matter the cultural differences, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, personality-type, gender, personality-type, gender identities, religions, etc.

With this focus in mind, the company established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee in 2020. An independent employee initiative, the committee's mission is to raise awareness and accountability throughout the studio and to stimulate dialogue and action, so that diversity is recognized as a priority and an asset within the company.

About Reflector Entertainment

Reflector is a new breed of studio that creates multimedia, communal Storyworlds in which users can experience each medium as a standalone, while their interlinked natures empower you to craft your own narrative journey. Founded in Montreal in 2016, the studio was acquired by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe in 2020. Some of the most acclaimed talent in the industry have joined forces to bring the studio’s ideas to life across multiple platforms, including video games, comic books, podcasts, novels, films, and TV. With a mission to produce next-generation content, the company, plans to unfold the innovative project over the next several years, first through its already awarded storyworld Unknown 9.  

Media contact

Marion Urso

PR Manager, Reflector Entertainment

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