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News June 20, 2023

Reflector Entertainment reinvents its logo to deepen its affiliation with Bandai Namco

We are thrilled to unveil our new logo, which marks an important milestone in the evolution of our studio. It is with great pride that we present this new visual symbol that embodies our identity, our vision, our commitment to our core values, and above all, our affiliation with the Bandai Namco group.

The process of creating this logo was filled with reflection, inspiration, and creativity. It is an evolution of the previous one and represents the incorporation of Reflector Entertainment as an integral part of the larger Bandai Namco family.

Evolution of the design
Evolution of the design

The original wheel (or Möbius strip) representing the gateway to our slogan, "Jump into our world," has now become a spiral ring.

The solid and full left part refers to the Reflectorians, a group of passionate individuals with different yet complementary aeras of expertise in realizing the studio's vision. This part has been thickened compared to the old logo, reflecting the experience acquired over time.

The right part, on the other hand, relates to the transmedia expertise brought by our team of dedicated professionals, which is essential to ensure the successful development of an intellectual property (IP). The spirals are now in color, with a scheme similar to that of Bandai Namco.

"It was important to showcase the studio's evolution over the past years and reflect the significant milestones achieved since its inception," explained Pascal Hamelin, Art Director (and Reflectorian since the studio's launch) and the designer behind the new brand image. "This logo is closely tied to Bandai Namco, highlighting our collaborative work with the group and our shared values."

Indeed, the four vibrant colors of blue, green, yellow, and pink also represent the diversity that is of paramount importance to Bandai Namco and Reflector. By creating unique and entertaining products and services that connect people and communities, we are working to create a better future for all through entertainment.

This new logo reflects our evolution as a company, as well as our continued commitment to shaping the future of entertainment. It symbolizes our ability to innovate, adapt, and remain creative in a constantly changing world, while upholding the values that define us.

The new Reflector | Bandai Namco logo
The new Reflector | Bandai Namco logo

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