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Job opening

VFX Artist

Headquartered in Montreal, Reflector, a company of the Bandai Namco group, is a new breed of studio working with top talents to create high-quality, compelling content for global audiences. By employing a true transmedia approach, where content is built outwards from fully fleshed “Storyworlds”, the company is able to tell richer, deeper stories that connect with fans everywhere.

The VFX Artist will report directly to the Lead VFX and will be responsible for the following duties.


  • Create real-time particle effects and animated shaders from concept to implementation; 
  • Model, texture and optimize FX assets and geometry under direction of the Creative Lead; 
  • Use visual editing tools to setup effects within the game engine; 
  • Collaborate with designers, artists and programmers to reach aesthetic excellence;
  • Work within the limitations of chosen production game engine and real-time tools; 
  • Understand best practices, production pipelines and workflows; 
  • Optimize visual effects for performance while maintaining high-quality standards or being capable of alternatives within the context (baking, point cloud/alembic, 2D, etc.);
  • Reference design documents to develop an understanding of the environments, objectives, atmospheres, story and style of the project; 
  • Suggest and maintain a consistent art style while meeting deadlines, that could lead the project beyond everyone’s expectations;
  • Sensitive and respectful of deadlines.


  • Minimum two (2) years of relevant experience as FX Artist in the entertainment industry;
  • Bachelor’s degree or college diploma in 3D Art, Computer Science, Digital Art or equivalent training or experience;
  • Shipped video game as a FX Artist, or participated in the creation of major interactive events; 
  • Good knowledge of special-effect creation in game engine;
  • Proficient with Unreal (especially the Niagra module) or the Unreal game engine; 
  • Thorough knowledge of at least one high end 3D software (Maya, Max);
  • Must be proficient in simulation engines like fume fx and realfow;  
  • Good knowledge of SideFX Houdini is a plus; 
  • Good scripting skills. Including experience with python; 
  • Solid understanding of modeling, texture mapping, materials and post processing;   
  • Good knowledge of GLSL (or HLSL) shading/writing; 
  • Solid Photoshop skills (After Effect is a plus); 
  • Substance designer knowledge is a plus; 
  • Passion for problem solving;
  • Familiarity with data management software a plus;
  • Excellent communication skills both spoken and written in English and French.

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