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Job opening

Concept Artist

Headquartered in Montreal, Reflector, a company of the Bandai Namco group, is a new breed of studio working with top talents to create high-quality, compelling content for global audiences. By employing a true transmedia approach, where content is built outwards from fully fleshed “Storyworlds”, the company is able to tell richer, deeper stories that connect with fans everywhere.

Give form to the complex artistic elements that will constitute the visual representation of ideas, provide inspiration and become references for the artistic direction of the project.


  • Help to establish the style of the project and act as a reference for all elements of art production (Environment, Character, UI etc.); 
  • Under the Art Director’s guidance, maintain a consistent art style and carry out revisions as required; 
  • Share knowledge and motivate artists within the team; 
  • Act as a reference for the art team in relation to various artistic elements and help find solutions to complex issues that might arise; 
  • Efficiently communicate information, support messages, and management decisions; 
  • Participate actively in the implementation and usage of more efficient work methods; 
  • Communicate and collaborate with the key stakeholders to confirm task direction and ensure consistency of work within the team; 
  • Create environment concept art and in-game mock-ups, focusing particularly on lighting and post effects; 
  • Communicate effectively complex visual intentions of your work to the rest of the art team; 
  • Support the Art Director in any related ad hoc tasks. 


  • 5 years minimum experience in concept art or other relevant experience; 
  • Has shipped at least 1 game as a concept artist; preferably on a ‘AAA’ console title, film experience will also be considered; 
  • Excellent drawing and conceptualisation skills with an ability to adapt to established styles; 
  • In-depth knowledge of anatomy and perspective; 
  • Solid knowledge of fundamental illustration skills including composition, lighting and colour theory; 
  • Strong observation and research skills; 
  • Strong knowledge of form, composition, use of detail and visual story telling; 
  • Solid digital illustration skills; 
  • Strong working knowledge of Photoshop; 
  • Good working knowledge of relevant 2D and 3D software; 
  • Knowledge of data management software (such as Perforce); 
  • Good knowledge of the video game industry and awareness of typical video game development processes. 
  • Good interpersonal and oral and written communication skills  

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