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Job opening

UI Artist

Headquartered in Montreal, Reflector, a company of the Bandai Namco group, is a new breed of studio working with top talents to create high-quality, compelling content for global audiences. By employing a true transmedia approach, where content is built outwards from fully fleshed “Storyworlds”, the company is able to tell richer, deeper stories that connect with fans everywhere.

·  Create and collaborate on the visual identity of the user interface with the presentation director and art director.
-          Explorations
-          Mock-ups and variations
-          Compositions
-          Iconography
-          Widgets
-          Buttons
-          Animation
-          Etc.
· Suggest innovative and attractive solutions to navigation and comprehension problems.
·Document, update and share your work with the rest of the team.
·Assist the development team by integrating the menu in Unreal (UMG).
·Ensure the quality, precision, and consistency in the engine (Unreal).
·Know the best practice in UI integration.
·Make optimisation.
·Collaborate with the team to give the best user experience.
·Perform all other duties and/or responsibilities relevant to the position.
·Minimum of tree (3) years of relevant experience as a UI Artist, in the game industry.
·Bachelor's degree or college diploma in graphic art (2d/3D/graphic design), or equivalent training or experience.
·Shipped at least one (1) game as a UI Artist.
·Excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Unreal engine.
·Understand limitation of the engine while creating mockups
·Experience and/or interest in UX
·Experience in menu animation
·Able to identify UX problems and suggest solution
·Possesses a strong understanding of the goals of the UI in the player experience;
·Ability to translate wireframe into UI mockups
·Ability to produce quality work quickly, using the best solutions;
·Ability to adapt to change;
·Excellent communication skills in English and French (oral and written).
- BluePrint understanding

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