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Job opening

Creative Director (new project)


Located in Montreal, Reflector Entertainment, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group, a renowned entertainment studio that works with the best talents in the industry to produce captivating content for international audiences. Using a transmedia approach focused on creating rich narrative universes, the company is successful in developing compelling original properties that draw fans in across various platforms.
Here is an overview of what we offer our team:
·A hybrid working model with a minimal presence of one day per week at the studio.
·Flexible working hours. Whether you're more productive in the morning or in the evening, it's up to you to manage your 37.5 hours per week.
·Collective insurance in addition you will also have accesses to a health care spending account, telemedicine, two (2) personal days and unlimited paid sick days from day one.
·Holidays are enhanced.
·We reimburse employees for transport expenses incurred in commuting to work.
·Employee assistance program, voluntary retirement savings plan with Reflector contributions.
·Human-sized studio with the means of a large group.
·You get two (2) weeks of paid vacation from Reflector in December to give you time to rest and spend time with your family, in addition to your banked vacation weeks.
·We offer a wide range of activities to suit all tastes and interests, to allow you to have fun and thrive (lunches, 5 to 7, game nights, etc.).
The Creative Director will be a major asset during the development of the game. He/she will oversee all strategic decisions that have an impact on the overall quality of the game.

Key Responsibilities:
·Design and maintain an efficient creative pipeline to ensure quality and consistency of all projects.
·Define, in close collaboration with the producer and executive producer, the objectives of the production and any necessary adjustments.
·Develop and implement an overall vision and creative foundations of the game (visual effects, theme, context, gameplay, etc...).
·Work closely with the production team to ensure that quality criteria are met.
·Supervise the work of the development team to ensure that the creative vision of the project is integrated into all aspects of the production (artistic, design, programming).
·Supervise action plans and coordination between internal and external studios to ensure effective collaboration.

·At least five (5) years of supervision experience of art and design teams in the video game console industry.
·Work experience on a published game, from conception to release, preferably on an open-world AAA title on console.
·Delivery of minimum three (3) games.
·Understanding of product strategic objectives and ability to work towards them.
·Ability to formulate ideas, communicate with art team and make constructive suggestions.
·Team spirit, creative direction, and ability to deliver exceptional quality projects.
·Engaging leadership, ability to lead and develop a team focused on collective success, make the best decisions for the studio and demonstrate agility.

If you are passionate about video games and you have the skills to lead a team in developing high-quality games, we invite you to apply for this position at Reflector Entertainment.

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