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Presentation Director

Based in Montreal, Reflector, a Bandai Namco company, is an entertainment studio working with top talent and producing engaging content for audiences around the world. Using a transmedia approach focusing first on the creation of narrative universes, the company manages to create engaging original properties that appeal to fans on multiple platforms.

Reporting directly to the Founder and Chief Creative Officer, the Presentation Art Director will be responsible for the visual identity of the product. He will also determine, in collaboration with the artistic director of the project, the visual direction of the user interface, as well as the Menus, the HUD, and the Signs & Feedback.


  • Design and develop the visual signature of the brand and the product.

  • Supervise the work on all elements related to the visual presentation of the game including:
  •  Interface elements (Menus, Journal, HUD);
  • All game elements related to the interface;
  • Feedback on all elements that communicate gameplay to the player.

  • In collaboration with the creative core of the game:
  •  Participate and Contribute to the game design process;
  • Conceptualize and oversee the 2D visual signature of the game and ensure that this vision is maintained during all stages of development;
  • With the Art Director, help shape the artistic vision of the game to establish the style and tone of the game;
  • Oversee the signature and usability of visuals and ensure that all artists working on the project understand the signature;
  • Create visual presentation guidelines (style guides) that will be used by external collaborators;
  • Work with the Creative Director and Audio Director to ensure that musical and audio cues work effectively with the overall guidelines and visual signature;
  • Attend game sessions and/or become aware of the results of these in order to adjust the visual signature elements according to the feedback;
  • Oversee the creation of templates and guidelines for internal communication.

  • In collaboration with the Transmedia and Marketing teams:
  •  Collaborate with the Artistic Director of the Storyworld (transmedia) to Conceptualize, direct and produce the visual signature of the product in line with that of the Storyworld;
  • Ensure that the quality of the visual signature is respected in all assets created by advertising (trailers, screenshots, derivative products and licenses, etc.);
  • Ensure maximum visual consistency between the brand and the game;
  • Perform other related duties.


  • Attestation of college studies (AEC) in graphic design and multimedia or equivalent training;
  • At least 8-12 years of experience creating and directing user interfaces in the video game industry. Relevant experience in other industries will be considered;
  • Experience working with brands and developing brand guidelines;
  • Ability to convey an artistic vision and bring a team together around it;
  • Stimulated by the achievement of excellence;
  • Ability to evaluate and critique the quality of the team's work;
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with the other trades of the production team;
  • Understanding of the art of telling a story in images and ability to lead the creation of compelling visuals that create an emotional response in the consumer;
  • Understanding of game design and how it relates to visual signature elements;
  • Excellent understanding of usability and user experience;
  • Keeps up to date with trends in graphic design and interactive media;
  • Excellent experience in several related disciplines including animation and graphic design and interactive media.

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