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Job opening

Lead Engine & Tools Programmer

Headquartered in Montreal, Reflector, a company of the Bandai Namco group, is a new breed of studio working with top talents to create high-quality, compelling content for global audiences. By employing a true transmedia approach, where content is built outwards from fully fleshed “Storyworlds”, the company is able to tell richer, deeper stories that connect with fans everywhere. 


Reporting to the Technical Director, the successful candidate will work in a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment. He will be responsible for the implementation of engine and tools functionalities, by considering the requirements of the project design and technical bibles.


  • Balance the active development of the code with the management requirements.
  • Meet with your team on a regular basis to keep track of their tasks, the overall progress, and to ensure the cohesion, productivity, and efficiency of your team.
  • Work with the Technical Director to create and maintain engine, tools development plan and clearly communicate it to the production team.
  • Work collaboratively with other production managers in programming, art, animation, audio, and design departments to assess their technological needs.
  • Work with the IT department to provide proper access to tools, software and hardware for both internal and external teams.
  • Participate to the evaluation and the development of your team.
  • Monitor and reassess the engine and tools development plan on an ongoing basis to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the project.
  • Ensure that the code is modular, self-contained, with defensive approach and respects the technical constraints of the system.
  • Regularly manages technical designs and code reviews.
  • Ensure coding standards are met and help to apply good programming practices within your team.
  • Ensure the creation of the technical documentation.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, training or equivalent experience.
  • A minimum of two (2) years experience in the video game industry as a relevant leadership role experience.
  • A minimum of five (5) years experience as a programmer engin and/or tools.
  • Delivered at least 1 video game, preferably on console.
  • Excellent C++ and / or C# programming skills and focus on multithreading and optimisations.
  • Experience with Unreal, 3DSMax and / or Maya is an asset.
  • Experience with commonly used development tools, including Visual Studio and Perforce.
  • Knowledge of common planning, task, and problem-tracking tools like Jira.
  • Skills for interpersonal relationships.
  • Motivated, proactive and demonstrates a strong professional ethic.
  • Ability to adapt to change.
  • Good understanding of production pipelines.

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