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Diversity and inclusion

Celebrating the diversity of ideas

We believe that all Reflectorians have a unique voice, original ideas and differing perspectives, and it’s our duty to lift them up and give them space, regardless of cultural differences, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, personality, gender identity, religion, etc. We’ve chosen inclusion, and we work at it every day, always.

Logo of Reflector's Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Becoming an allied studio

Creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is an independent employee initiative aiming to raise awareness and empowerment among all studio members and to stimulate dialogue and action so that diversity can be recognized as a priority and an asset. The Committee acts as a partner and toolkit for all studio departments.

A big promise that translate into concrete goals


Stimulating the creation of an inclusive culture to attract and retain the best talent.


Supporting the development of our IPs while ensuring that the cultures represented are respected.


Promoting innovation and creativity by encouraging the diversity of ideas.


Becoming an allied studio and joining industry voices.

Joining the experts 

Reflector has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion to offer several tools and webinars on D&I questions to employees. The Committee has therefore selected two webinars per month and will be organizing a discussion forum following these to provide a space for dialogue and reflection.

Artwork of a zoom meeting

A few steps:

Webinars, D&I newsletters, video on gender identity, obligatory training for managers, donations to two organizations to combat hate towards Asian communities, etc.

Joining the #RaiseTheGame initiative

Montreal, September 27th, 2021 - Reflector Entertainment announced today that it has joined the #RaiseTheGame community, alongside BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and its subsidiaries. UKIE works on a wide range of initiatives and activities - from education to politics, from events to investments. The #RaiseTheGame pledge brings together over 150 companies involved in the video game world. Its mission is to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive industry.