The Mindsets that Drive our Success

Relentless in our pursuit of crafting the most original storytelling experiences, our unique skill sets, perpetual support of one another, and total honesty are what we rely on to achieve our goals.

We’re in this together. And though our backgrounds may differ widely, we pride ourselves on our ability to continuously innovate, learn from our mistakes, share in our successes, work hard, and have fun!

Of all Montreal game studios, Reflector does things differently.

Reflector is a disruptive video game studio driving innovation in entertainment by creating immersive story-driven universes. These expansive worlds consist of interconnected tales that can be enjoyed independently or consumed together, allowing audiences to shape unique, personalized adventures.

Collective success

We draw on our insatiable drive to turn novel ideas into epic experiences. By putting our teams’ needs first, we overcome any obstacles on our path to success.


No matter your beliefs or how you present yourself, you’re one of us. Whether you’re a video game developer, a writer, or a designer, we support you in staying true to yourself. After all, our complementarity is our strength.

Constant improvement

By taking chances, learning from our mistakes, and prioritizing progress over big wins, we build products that continue to challenge the status quo.

Finding the fun

Fun is the primary ingredient in creating entertaining experiences. We work hard and take our craft seriously, but we always find time to enjoy ourselves, whether at home or in the studio.

Reflector employees play video games while two video game developers work on their computers

So Much More than a Video Game Company

Unlike other video game companies in Canada (or the rest of the world, really!), our specialties run the gamut from story architecture and musical score composition to podcast, film, and TV production. Our studio employs engineers, developers, artists, and creators from all corners of the industry. After all, there’s a lot that goes into building universes.

So, what do we do with this mixed bag of talent? We lean into each Reflectorian’s creative and technical prowess to create epic games and thrilling interconnected adventure stories shared with the world through video games, podcasts, comic books, novels, web series, and more.

Together these experiences form sprawling narrative universes for audiences to explore.

Discover our universes
The exterior of the building that houses Reflector's Montreal gaming studio
Our History

A small creative studio with big ambitions

Founded in 2016, Reflector Entertainment was born out of a dream to redefine the nature of immersive gaming and storytelling and to put Montreal, Canada, on the map as a hub for original creative content production and development. To achieve this, a small group of Quebec-based entertainment and gaming industry veterans got to work on developing the company’s first transmedia universe.

Young Haroona, the heroine of Reflector's first video game, Unknown 9: Awakening

Stepping out of the shadows

By 2020, video game development continued to advance at full speed, and production had wrapped on the first original stories set to shape Unknown 9’s landscape. It was time to share glimpses of the universe we were building with the world.

Choosing Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event to premiere Unknown 9: Awakening’s teaser trailer, this first look at the video game and its expansive universe was met with enormous praise, leading Reflector to secure the show’s award for Best Announcement.

A view of Montreal's Biosphère set against a multicolored backdrop

A local focus, a global presence

The fall of 2020 marked our official induction into the Bandai Namco Group—the start of a meaningful new chapter in our gaming studio’s history. This acquisition has allowed us to maximize our reach to audiences worldwide and opened the door to exciting production and development opportunities.

Employees at work in Reflector's Montreal video game studio

A gaming studio in rapid expansion

In the lead-up to the release of our first video game and its transmedia universe, our Montreal studio is working hard on its next big project, developing new experiences for a popular Bandai Namco intellectual property. This undertaking will see our video game company evolve at a rapid pace over the coming years.

Reflector’s Leadership Team

Meet the executives guiding Reflector into a new era of innovation.

Herve Hoerdt, Reflector Entertainment's Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Herve Hoerdt

Marc André Séguin, Reflector Entertainment's General Manager
General Manager

Marc André Séguin

Emilie Constantineau, Reflector Entertainment's Director of Talent & Culture
Director of Talent & Culture

Emilie Constantineau

Marc-Antoine Dumais, Reflector Entertainment's Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Marc-Antoine Dumais

François Beauregard, Reflector Entertainment's Marketing & IP Director
Marketing & IP Director

François Beauregard

View of Reflector Entertainment's video game studio in Montreal

We’re Hiring! Join our Studio.

Who are we kidding? There are many video game companies in Montreal, but none are quite like ours. If you’re based in Canada, it doesn’t matter whether you happen to be a gaming industry veteran or making your first forays into immersive transmedia storytelling and video game development. We want to meet you!

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Three Reflector Entertainment employees