Reflector’s Transmedia Storytelling Style

What if a single story could lead you into an expansive fictional world chock-full of other overlapping tales, each told uniquely on distinct platforms?

Reflector's creative teams working on universe building elements

Universe building one story at a time

There are a number of ways to create fictional universes. Given our knack for transmedia storytelling and preference for crafting media-agnostic stories, our creative teams bring rich narrative worlds to life using a singular approach.

Universe building blocks

Our narrative teams first define a given universe’s central mythology. Once the foundational elements are established, we begin to piece together the stories we want to tell, identify the narrative themes and hooks that tie them together, and develop the characters that best bring the adventures to life.

Format selection

Now that we’ve filled our narrative arsenal with an elaborate mythology, an exciting series of fictional adventures, and a strong cast of characters, it’s time to select the specific formats that best tell our stories and the media platforms that best deliver them to our audience. This exciting process gives rise to worlds filled with tales told through distinct narrative products that transcend the boundaries of the individual media they inhabit.

Carving consumption pathways

As for our audience, those who jump into one of our fictional universes enjoy seamless narrative experiences as they navigate from one format or platform to the next and forge their way across a given story-driven world.

Smiling audience members

A Multilayered Narrative Experience

The universes we create are populated by extraordinary fictional characters whose stories intersect, evolve, and play out across a myriad of products, formats, and platforms.

Each tale serves as an entry point into the larger fictional world it exists in. Although these stories can be enjoyed independently, the more of them a fan consumes, the more immersive their experience is, and the clearer the universe in question’s overarching mythology, themes, and storyline become.

It’s up to the audience to decide how to explore the narrative worlds we build. What’s certain is that the more stories one follows, the more layers of enjoyment one gets to peel back.

Stories as standalone experiences 

Every product we create delivers a singular storytelling experience. For example, whether a video game or a podcast, each product narrative is told in a classic linear fashion, building towards an exciting climax and gratifying conclusion that appeals to the masses. Once at a story’s end, however, the audience faces a choice: exit the universe or continue the journey.

A world of interconnected plots and characters

Should a fan’s journey continue, the more apparent the crossovers, callbacks, and Easter eggs become. For example, a collectible in the video game may be elaborated upon in the podcast, or a secondary character you meet in a novel may play a central role in the comic book series. It’s almost as though each story’s foundational elements break free from their original plots and find their way into others.

Endless entertainment 

Suppose our audience embarks on the complete series of adventures that unfold across a given universe. In that case, they’ll witness the pieces of a grander puzzle fall into place that unites the characters, locations, and events they’ve encountered on their journey. Those who know where to look will uncover a new overarching story that further expands the universe.

An ancient temple from Unknown 9's transmedia universe

Unknown 9: Our First Transmedia Project

The world of Unknown 9 is set in a fantastical universe steeped in mystery and the paranormal that connects real-world history, mythology, and conspiracy theories with its own rich lore.

Its tales of adventure, which skillfully blur fact with fiction, revolve around Quaestors—characters that have had the veil lifted from their eyes and are now driven to uncover the secrets and wonders that exist just out of sight. How these characters choose to use the knowledge they gain by unearthing humanity’s long-forgotten history is what fuels the narratives that unfold within Unknown 9’s ever-widening borders.

Adult Haroona, the heroine of Reflector's first video game, Unknown 9: Awakening

The video game

Secure humanity’s salvation in Unknown 9: Awakening.

Unknown 9: Genesis Trilogy's Andie Robertson looks over her shoulder.

The novel trilogy

Join a deadly global treasure hunt in the Unknown 9: Genesis trilogy.

Unknown 9: Out of Sight's Lazari looks over her shoulder.

The scripted podcast

Immerse yourself in the unknown with Unknown 9: Out of Sight.

Unknown 9: Torment's Jaden Crowe looks over his shoulder.

The comic book series

Get a peek at the inner workings of a powerful secret society in Unknown 9: Torment.

Explore Unknown 9
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