Meet Members of our Video Game Studio

Reflector VFX Artist, Loic Cayuela

I get to do the work that I love with a team that trusts me and that supports each other. There’s room to grow at Reflector, and I’m excited to see how I evolve over the years to come!

Loic Cayuela
VFX Artist
Reflector Creative Director, Anne Gibeault

I have the chance to work on an amazing Bandai Namco brand, establishing the vision, building the team, being attentive to others…all wonderful opportunities!

Anne Gibeault
Creative Director
Reflector Senior Director of Animation, Teppei Takehana

Life’s little surprises are no longer stressful thanks to Reflector’s flexible work policies, which allow me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Teppei Takehana
Senior Director, Animation
Reflector Editorial Content Manager, Jennifer Benjamin

Being a Reflectorian means thinking outside the box, venturing off the beaten path, then going with the flow to achieve the best outcomes.

Jennifer Benjamin
Editorial Content Manager
Reflector Tools Programmer, Michael Nguyen

Reflector’s IP vision is refreshing, and its unique multiplatform deployment strategy poses an ambitious challenge that I’m proud to help tackle.

Michael Nguyen
Tools Programmer

Teamwork that Reflects our Values

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee

This employee-run committee’s mission is to raise awareness and accountability about issues related to diversity and inclusion. Its goal is to promote dialogue and action to ensure diversity remains a priority and asset across all our company’s endeavors.

A proud member of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, Reflector supports its D&I Committee in its ongoing projects, including contributions to Canada-wide and Montreal-based organizations and participation in industry-wide D&I initiatives, such as the #RaiseTheGame diversity pledge. The committee also provides access to CCDI webinars and creates opportunities for larger conversations by hosting topic-specific discussion forums.

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Cover art for Reflector Entertainment x ISART Digital Montréal mentorship program’s third video game project

Reflector Entertainment x ISART Digital Montréal

Reflector’s mentorship program has been connecting aspiring Montreal game developers with its employees to assist them in completing their end-of-year graduation projects since 2019.

Tasked with creating video games of their own, ISART Digital students work with Reflectorians from ideation through to project completion, receiving direction on narrative design, video game development, and more. The result is a highly collaborative experience that fosters valuable industry connections and contributes to students’ skill development, preparing them to secure their first jobs.

Over the years, not only has this program overseen the completion of four inspiring video game projects—Blossom, PALAKA, Lorekheim: Rise of a Fallen World, and Prune—but it has also awarded three of the program’s participants with full-time employment at our Montreal game studio.

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A Reflector employee takes a polaroid picture of his colleagues at a company event

The Engagement Committee

Our Engagement Committee’s work is crucial in fueling the mindsets that uphold Reflector’s core values. Spearheaded by volunteers from all corners of our company, the committee’s mission is to create memorable moments for all Reflectorians by organizing experiences that strengthen important bonds within and across our many teams.

From recurring happy hours and seasonal activities in and around Montreal to holiday celebrations, board game nights, and other themed events, the committee’s many initiatives are essential in fusing tight-knit relationships among our employees.

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A one-on-one coversation between two Reflector employees.

How we Hire Top Talent at Reflector

Diving head-first into a rigorous job hunt and submitting application after application can often feel daunting. We get that.

To ensure you’re as prepared as possible, we’ve outlined what you can expect from Reflector Entertainment’s hiring process should your profile be deemed a good fit.

Read up on recruitment tips

The preliminary phone screening

Consider this a casual conversation with our recruiters that sheds light on whether you’d be a good fit for Reflector and whether the company is right for you. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.


The managerial interview and technical test

This step involves delving deeper into your experience with your future manager and asking them about their leadership style, team, projects, etc. Depending on the position, you may take a technical test.


The one-on-one team interview

Good chemistry is one of the cornerstones of effective teamwork. You should feel comfortable with your colleagues (and them with you!), so this meeting allows you to learn more about each other.


The offer

You’ve aced the interviews and tests. It’s time to make it official! Our recruiters will walk you through your offer to ensure you have all the details necessary to make your next big career decision.


The onboarding process

Once you’ve returned your signed offer to us, our coordinators will begin working on your file and integration plan. They’ll also work with you to select the best time to announce your arrival.

The Benefits of Working at Reflector Entertainment

Balance and flexibility

From hybrid work opportunities to flexible summer Fridays, we make it possible for you to do your best work the way you work best.

Comprehensive benefits

Take advantage of competitive health, dental, and vision coverage, access to Dialogue’s telemedicine services, unlimited sick days, transportation credits, retirement savings plans, and more.

Reflector events

Get social with us and spend quality time with colleagues by joining our 5-à-7s, seasonal festivities, annual holiday and summer parties, game nights, and other fun teambuilding events.

Ample time off

Take time to recharge when you need it most. Enjoy extended bank holidays, use your vacation days from day one, and benefit from added R&R during the studio’s two-week winter closure.

Build extraordinary universes

Your job as a Reflectorian is to assist in creating narrative universes whose stories are told across many media formats. In doing so, you’ll acquire new skills and help redefine the future of transmedia!

Make a global impact

As a member of the Bandai Namco family, you get to actively participate in the development of incredible IP and make your mark internationally in both the entertainment and video game industries.

View of Reflector Entertainment's video game studio in Montreal

Begin the Next Chapter of your Career

Create, collaborate, and grow in a work environment that values your well-being and professional success.

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Three Reflector Entertainment employees