Unknown 9: Awakening video game heroine, Haroona, set against a mountainous backdrop.

Unknown 9: Awakening

Unknown 9: Awakening is Reflector Entertainment’s first video game to hit the market. It is a third-person action-adventure game that acts as one of the primary entry points into the vast universe that is Unknown 9.

You play as Haroona, a Quaestor born with the ability to venture into the Fold, a mysterious dimension that overlaps our own. On her quest for powerful hidden knowledge, she will learn to master her unique connection to the Fold, which allows her to channel its powers into our world. But such power does not go unnoticed, and Haroona quickly becomes the target of the Ascendants, a splinter faction of a secret society known as the LYS, who want to use the Fold to alter the course of human history.

Unknown 9: Awakening will be coming to Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), and PC in Fall 2024.

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Bringing a global cast of characters to life.

Our studio’s talented team has created a diverse cast of unforgettable characters hailing from all over the world. At the forefront of this distinctive line-up is tough-as-nails heroine Haroona, whose otherworldly abilities make her a fierce adversary.

Developing gameplay mechanics rooted in original otherworldly phenomena.

The Fold is a shadowy dimension said to harbor infinite power. It’s an essential aspect of Unknown 9: Awakening’s lore-rich narrative that has inspired much of the game’s distinctive gameplay features.

Using the world as our playground.

Haroona’s mission takes her to some of the world’s most mysterious locations, putting our level designers and level artists to work to create unique environments that bring her globetrotting journey to life.

Pushing the experience beyond game consoles.

Awakening is one of many interconnected stories that take place within the universe of Unknown 9. Staying true to our transmedia vision, many of the game’s characters, artifacts, locations, and phenomena live on long past Awakening’s end, appearing in the universe’s many other products.

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A Bandai Namco Europe Owned Studio

Reflector is proud to belong to an impressive network of Bandai Namco studios located worldwide!

Since 2020, our Montreal studio has been assisting Bandai Namco Europe in creating Western content for the group, a task that has not only accelerated the completion of our first transmedia universe—Unknown 9—but has also awarded our company an important and equally exciting responsibility: the development of a recognized Bandai Namco Europe property. Though we can’t reveal the name of the popular IP just yet, we assure you, it is an awesome one!

With a second production underway and many positions to fill, we’re looking for talented individuals to join our studio to help us craft the next chapter of an established Bandai Namco brand.

So, if you’re looking to grow your career in video games, Montreal is where it’s at, and our unique studio has much to offer.

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The Role of Video Games in our Universes

The video games we develop play crucial roles in shaping the other stories that take place in our universes. Conversely, the stories we tell in other formats can have their own unique impact on the development of our video games. Depending on the IP, a game’s narrative may contribute to the mythology that gives rise to a unique universe. In other instances, a universe’s themes or its other narrative products may help lay the groundwork for developing a distinctive video game experience or game feature that enhances the IP’s overarching narrative.

It’s this symbiotic relationship between story, product, feature, and format that enables us to deliver epic transmedia experiences to fans—housed within expansive narrative worlds—that they can enjoy on their preferred platforms.

Regardless of the order in which these products and experiences are created, one thing is certain. It takes creatives and technical experts from a myriad of disciplines to bring rich, cohesive fictional worlds to life. A video game sound designer, for example, may work on a track for a game, which is then featured in a podcast’s theme song. An author’s description of an event in a novel may inspire the creation of a specific level or scene in a video game. In this way, however big or small, every single contribution has an impact on the overall fan experience a narrative universe has to offer.

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