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Conference March 10, 2022

"Think Outside The Console" - the transmedia model under the microscope

Players’ engagement with a franchise is arguably very high. Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter are all perfect examples of brands expanding from the hype around their respective movies, to significant growth within the video game industry.

Regardless of success, the transmedia approach continues to evolve, and is here to stay. What are the key learnings we can use to improve the process of building a universe? From the point of view of a video game studio, how can we go beyond the games themselves?

On November 9th 2021, Reflector held a special conference at the annual MEGAMIGS event.

François Beauregard, Reflector Entertainment’s Unknown 9 Brand Manager, presented a special talk “Thinking Outside The Console” on the dos and don’ts of levelling up your video game IP.

The talk discusses the continuing evolution of the transmedia universe building model in the video game industry and how to build beyond the games themselves. François examines what some of the most powerful transmedia brands have done and are currently doing and the methods Reflector Entertainment is using to build its own transmedia IP, Unknown 9, from the ground up.

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