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A unique Montreal studio

A thirst for creativity, dedication to excellence, and the willingness to break the mold are the sacred fires that fuel Reflector.

Values we stand



We are fueled by a sacred fire, by our ambitious goals and a drive to move ever-forward. We channel an audacious spirit and a need to elevate ourselves above those obstacles that lie on the road to our dreams – our passion is contagious; it is a beacon to the likeminded.



We believe in a healthy work-life balance and focus on smaller, tight-knit teams that work together as a cohesive unit. This approach allows us to recognize the hard work put in by our teammates and helps set a solid foundation of trust and respect, freeing our minds to focus on purely creative challenges.



Candour is the singular ingredient for cultivating authenticity, and authentic environments are the only kind where creativity thrives. We encourage people to speak their minds in a positive, constructive way, to support the sharing of new ideas and to challenge existing ones, recognizing that this will ultimately improve us for the better.


Creative Minds

We are powered by curious, creative minds that strive to break the mold, shatter paradigms, and reach for the stars. Our main mission? Trailblaze new ways in which content is created and consumed.

The grass is sometimes greener on the other side

That's good, we do not intend to install a fence, only our advantages are up to the task! In an industry and a changing society, we make it our duty to listen to our Reflectorians and to adapt.


We have a flexible work schedule policy in the office or if you’re working from home. We adapt to your needs and those of our ever-changing industry.

Cool it off

Get extra time for you. On top of vacation time, we also have summer hours, personal days and close shop for the winter holiday season.

Your health

We wish our Reflectorians the best of health, from head to toe. We have an advantageous group insurance plan paid mainly by Reflector, 24/7 access to Dialogue: Virtual Healthcare services, employee assistance programs and unlimited sick days.

Unleash your creativity

Progress your personal and professional evolution in a work environment that stimulates your creativity. Enjoy working in a dynamic team as well as having autonomy in your projects, at home and in the studio.

Level up!

Get on a path that allows you to grow and overcome new challenges in the studio. Career opportunities await you.

Your dream job ain't listed?