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We create multimedia, communal Storyworlds

Two persons in a studio working on a project
Our approach

It all starts with an idea

We are redefining the rules of the game! By following the “transmedia” concept from the start of the creative process, we create vast universes with rich and elaborate mythologies, allowing us to tell our stories across several types of media.

We draw inspiration from the current climate, from the major themes that are shaking up our global village. It is these great themes that bring to life our Original Storyworlds, which we then populate with unique and complex characters. We believe that entertainment and society are intrinsically linked, and that it is through rich and relevant narratives that the mythology of the modern era is woven.

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Meeting of creative minds

The creative minds in our studio contribute to the development of our narrative universes. These Reflectorians think of the universes we create as a living fabric made up of different characters and interconnected stories. It’s collaboration among internal talent that allows us to bring this whole ecosystem to life. We place special emphasis on integrating diversity and inclusion concepts into the stories to respect the different cultures represented.

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Ambitious planning

We work with the strongest talents specializing in a multitude of creative fields, which allows us to develop quality narratives across all of our media platforms. A strong guiding principle allows us to meticulously interweave themes, stories and characters, through the multiple media platforms that breathe life into our universes.

Two heads facing opposite direction but connected in the middle, sharing a thought

Connectivity and consistency

Our creative teams can be sure that all of our stories are consistent, ensuring a unique, interconnected experience within a Universe. We also coordinate each step of production in partnership with each project’s third-party producers.

Our Team

Meet the Reflectorians

Management & Creative Team
Portrait of Alexandre Amancio of Reflector

Alexandre Amancio

CCO and Founder

Portrait of Patrick Limoges of Reflector

Patrick Limoges

Art Director

Portrait of Christophe Rossignol of Reflector

Christophe Rossignol

Level Design Director

Portrait of Andre Vu of Reflector

André Vu

Head of Marketing

Portrait of Pascal Hamelin of Reflector

Pascal Hamelin

Art Director

Portrait of Elena Cesare of Reflector

Elena Cesare

Marketing Coordinator

Portrait of John Tsoupanarias of Reflector

John Tsoupanarias

Associate Brand Manager


Our culture reflects
diversity authenticity inclusion respect uniqueness

Logo of Reflector

At Reflector, promises turn into actions. We've chosen inclusion, and we work at it every day, always. Let's celebrate diversity of ideas and become better allies.

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We're hiring, let's talk

We want to foster a healthy and passion-fueled environment, where work-life balance is respected, and people are continually encouraged to unleash their inner creativity.

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